Our competences

Our competences

Forging is one of our core competences; we master both the work after drawings and the craft itself. Our services include CNC turning and milling, cutting and bending as well as electrical discharge machining (EDM). Moreover, we design and build machines, make drawings in 3D-CAD format and relocate production plants. 

We have bundled quite a few different abilities on our premises. Some people believe that we have spread our activities too much, but we believe that it is advantageous to be able to master many processes. To the customer it means shorter delivery times and much faster reaction times if they want to optimise and modify their machines or production plants. 

The orders are performed as all-inclusive solutions and also include the electric work and the control. Moreover, we take the relevant CE marking measures. The machines can be mounted and tested in our assembly halls so that they are ready for operation when they leave our works. 

We also manufacture special-purpose machines on the basis of the customers’ drawings and perform forging and machine work as a sub-supplier. Moreover, we maintain and repair machines and production plants.

Our well-trained workmen are ready for the next challenge. Test us with your next task.